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This is a quick'n dirty guestbook as you can see. It has been put together in a short time, so don't expect too much of it right now. It's functional and that's all for the moment.
You can add something at the bottom of this page.

1:22 Fri 18-May-18
Name / email:Marcos Miranda
Location / City:London
This is the second time I come back to the site and I'm happy to find a lot of content
23:16 Tue 15-May-18
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1:05 Sat 12-May-18
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13:49 Fri 11-May-18
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16:36 Thu 10-May-18
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23:32 Tue 08-May-18
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20:34 Fri 04-May-18
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19:37 Fri 04-May-18
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14:34 Wed 02-May-18
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17:55 Mon 30-Apr-18
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Buenos Aires, the day will start at 2:00 pm in Plaza de Mayo with different activities. At 16:00 the march begins until the Congress of the Nation where there will be a closing ceremony with live music. The National March of Marijuana is carried out since 2010 simultaneously in more than 20 cities of the country in the first week of December of each year. After the average sanction in deputies of the majority opinion promoted by Change over medicinal cannabis regulation, hundreds of organizations will return to the streets to demand from the State the total recognition of users and growers as "subjects of right", to end their criminalization and persecution, and the free use of recreational, medicinal and industrial cannabis. One of the most outstanding demands of this National March is the immediate approval of laws in favor of self-cultivation, as well as freedom for prisoners and amnesty for those processed for having, consuming and growing marijuana. The Left Daily spoke with Patricio del Corro and Nicolás del Caño, referents of the Left Front, which tomorrow will be present at the mobilization of CABA accompanying the claim. The legislator of the PTS-Left Front Patricio del Corro declared: "We will participate actively in this national march. Maintaining illegal marijuana not only facilitates the huge business of drug trafficking, it is also used by the damn police to persecute and criminalize youth. " In the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, the deputy promoted the debate and support in the National Congress to the bill presented by the former deputy of the Left Front, Myriam Bregman, on the legalization of marijuana. For his part Nicolás del Caño, former presidential candidate of the left, explained that "it seems very important to participate in this mobilization, as we have done in all instances since the PTS. In this instance, those who carry out a self-cultivation for personal and medicinal consumption will be called back against the persecution. Legalization attacks the drug trafficker, that explains the refusal of many sectors to regularize cannabis. Instead, they increasingly pose punishment and punitiveness about youth and users. From the Left Front, we have a project in the Chamber of Deputies of the National Congress that we have presented together with Myriam Bregman that raises the legalization of marijuana, which received the support of many organizations that have been claiming for a long time. The call text develops the most relevant points of the claim: "Self-cultivation: For the immediate end of the raids, detentions and criminal proceedings against cannabis growers. Regulation: For the regulation of the Social Clubs of Solidarity and Collective Cultivation for access to cannabis and its seeds. Tenure: Due to the urgent cessation of arrests and criminal proceedings against users for the simple possession of prohibited psychoactive substances. Health: For the implementation of a law of public, universal and free care that develops programs and massive campaigns of prevention and reduction of damages, destined to users with problematic consumption. Medicinal: For the state authorization of the medicinal use of cannabis and its derivatives.
11:30 Sun 29-Apr-18
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14:19 Wed 25-Apr-18
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11:34 Wed 25-Apr-18
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10:08 Wed 25-Apr-18
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20:15 Tue 17-Apr-18
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20:15 Tue 17-Apr-18
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20:15 Tue 17-Apr-18
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20:13 Tue 17-Apr-18
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20:40 Mon 16-Apr-18
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13:18 Mon 16-Apr-18
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10:34 Thu 12-Apr-18
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13:10 Tue 03-Apr-18
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20:23 Mon 02-Apr-18
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20:20 Thu 29-Mar-18
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exited to shere many things with my friend how are you guys
18:36 Sun 06-May-12
Name / email:MIRCEA IVANOV
Location / City:Romania
hi offer https://picasaweb.google.com/102204534131137729159/May62012CROWNCAPSROMANIA
8:37 Sun 30-Oct-11
Name / email:hwtez@washere.nl
worlds biggist stamp collecting www.hwtez.nl
19:45 Thu 04-Aug-11
Name / email:Borislav Balev
Location / City:Bulgaria
Hi, iterested in trading? I got caps from all around the world, but mainly from the Balcans.Maybe you'll want to look at some fotos? Just write me back at borislavbalev@yahoo.com
12:07 Sat 18-Jun-11
Name / email:mysterious girl
Location / City:turkey
hey so many caps you have i am really impressed maybe one day you can show them to me
12:43 Fri 21-May-10
Name / email:Micelele
En wij maar werken ... ;-)
10:47 Thu 13-May-10
Name / email:Micelele
Location / City:Kliete
En pros, al in de Azoren aangekomen. Zag geen verslag meer van 12 mei dus hoop dat je intussen eindelijk er bent geraakt
21:31 Wed 05-May-10
Name / email:v.brazys@gmail.com
Location / City:Lithuania
Hi. I'm beercaps collector from Lithuania and I ask trading partners from all countries. If you are interesting in change, please, write me. I can offer beercaps, labels and coasters... Regards, Virgis
10:39 Thu 05-Nov-09
Location / City:SPAIN
Homepage:- - - - -
9:44 Tue 01-Sep-09
Name / email:swedass@gmail.com
Location / City:Lithuania
Hi to all. Nice site. I am crown caps collector from Lithuania looking for trade partners from all the world. Whaiting for e-mails.
14:42 Wed 17-Jun-09
Name / email:mr.joloco@gmail.com
18:50 Fri 12-Jun-09
Name / email:francis1@infovia.com.ar
Location / City:Argentina
Homepage:http:// -----------------------------------------------
Estimated collector, I am interested in exchanging with you crowns caps only of beer and Coca Cola in mint condition of conservation. (not plastic) If he is interested in my offer, please answer, francisco-Argentine O.K.
19:45 Sun 07-Dec-08
Name / email:Micelele
Location / City:Kliete
Vandaag was Bart en Kristien hier geweest en gehoord dat je op reis bent geweest. Net even je verslag gelezen. Ziet er sjiek uit, doet me enorm verlangen om zelf weer er op uit te trekken. Grtz
11:56 Mon 30-Jun-08
Name / email:arnoudwijngaard100@gmail.com
Location / City:Iowa
Nice site! Cool crowncaps!
21:49 Tue 13-May-08
Name / email:Micelele en Anneliesje
Location / City:Klitte
Yepse Mario. Goed om nog eens iets van je te horen!! Alles ok daar? Hier is het al week en half prachtig weer (je moet blijkbaar niet naar ethiopië trekken daarvoor :-)). Al een negerinnetje opgescharreld? Byebye en stel het wel
21:44 Thu 03-Jan-08
Name / email:adam.2@web.de
Location / City:Vienna/Austria
hi! I'm a crowncap collector from austria. if someone is interested in trading, please write! adam.2@web.de (on the website i left here is everything i have to offer Adam
14:08 Thu 13-Dec-07
Name / email:Nol hendriks
Location / City:Germany
Hi, I am looking for full beer bottles, rare = best. Willing to pay good money for rare bottles!! Please contact me on: hendriks.nol@gmail.com Many thanks in advance
7:06 Mon 05-Nov-07
Name / email:wim.van.damme@kim-consulting.be
Location / City:Ternat
I am collector of Beer, caps not so much. So if you would still have some full bottles attached to that collection of caps you have, don't hesitate to call me for a professional removal of it. Your in-another-lifetime-partner-in-crime Wim
21:03 Fri 28-Sep-07
Name / email:foczi2@gmail.com
Location / City:HUNGARY/ BUDAORS
Hello,my name is Karoly Focze,from Hungary.I collect and swap all crown caps,from whole world.I'm interested in blind trade 50-100 pieces caps/letter.I can swap send you,Hungary,Romania,Croatia and other countries caps.If you interest ,write me answer. My postal address is : KAROLY FOCZE H - 2040 BUDAORS SZEP u. 39 HUNGARY E-mail: foczi2@gmail.com Regards,Karoly
16:23 Sun 29-Jul-07
Name / email:Saartje
Location / City:Scheldewindeke, Belgium
Hallo hallo! Zalige site, geeft me lekker veel reiskriebels :D Mijn god, wat mis ik India en het op weg zijn met ons groepje. Het was zo fantastisch, ik wou dat ik terug kon. Ik kijk er al naar uit je foto's en verslag erbij te kunnen bewonderen op je site! En nog meer kijk ik uit naar onze reünie, ik tel de dagen al af :p
13:51 Fri 27-Jul-07
Name / email:Olivier (Ladakh buddy)
Location / City:Zomergem city
Hoi die Mario Mooie site kerel, hopelijk snel een (uitgebreid) fotoverslag van ons Ladakhi avontuur, t'was de max! Ciao
16:32 Sat 26-May-07
Name / email:prdvries@gmail.com
Mooie site! Ik kijk nog even rond!
16:15 Thu 05-Apr-07
Name / email:joske@bollekes.com
Location / City:hier
Liefste Mario, een oprecht prachtige site! Kusjes, Joske
23:33 Fri 09-Mar-07
Name / email:Vasily, hrustgurd@yandex.ru
Location / City:Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Hello! I'm collector beer crowncaps. I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I should like to be changed crowncaps with you. I can to send my exchange fund and that I can gain in local shop.
13:16 Sun 04-Mar-07
Name / email:cheesy-666@gmx.de
Location / City:Germany/Duitschland
Hi to all capcollectors from Belgium,who wanna make a blindtrade with me? 40 different crowncaps from Germany(with a lil bit Italy,Austria)against 40 different caps from Belgium.No dent or rusty caps of course.My collection is`nt so big (1100 caps at time)so it`s the best way I think 4 me to trade. Best regards Ralf
9:20 Sun 12-Nov-06
Name / email:Prachuab Boonsriram
Location / City:Prakhonchai THAILAND
23:34 Sat 21-Oct-06
Name / email:ERDÝNÇ ERDEM erdincerdem190501@hotmail.com
Location / City:TURKEY-Balýkesir
Hello Collector friend, My name is Erdinç ERDEM,from TURKEY (Cýty Balýkesir), ( 24 years old.I want to change my same stamps with friends who are in the other countries.I will be very hapy when you send me an e-mail.
17:17 Thu 19-Oct-06
Name / email:mezelf@agfa.com
Location / City:uw appartement
goed bezig. Odie
11:19 Mon 16-Oct-06
Name / email:Javier
Location / City:Spain
Hi, I collect crowncaps from all over the world. Anyone wants trade with me?
21:25 Wed 27-Sep-06
Name / email:saran.banknotes@gmail.com
Location / City:India
Hi, This is saravanan from India. I collect banknotes. If any one intrested in Indian beer, Cool drink, Water bottle caps, I can offer for your country banknotes. If intrested mail me to saran.banknotes@gmail.com
5:05 Fri 11-Aug-06
Name / email:jason@bottlecaporama.com
Location / City:USA
Hi, I've been collecting for a few months now and am up to about 600 bottle caps! I just started trading with people around the world. If you're interested in trading or checking out my collection, please visit http://www.bottlecaporama.com ... Thanks!
21:21 Sun 16-Jul-06
Name / email:guido.ewa@hetnet.nl
Location / City:zoeterwoude,Holland
hello my name is guido,I collect only beercaps and I want to exchange them for other beercaps. There are 1948 caps in my collection. Please send an e-mail
20:49 Fri 14-Jul-06
Name / email:saravanan, saran.banknotes@gmail.com
Location / City:INDIA
Hi, Very nice site. I'm a banknote collector from India.If anyone intrested I will send you crowns of India for your country banknotes. I need any banknotes which has no exchange value. If you are intrested please let me know. My email ID is saran.banknotes@gmail.com Regards saravanan
10:00 Wed 28-Jun-06
Name / email:santsos@hot.ee
Location / City:Estland
Hello, Sorry ,I have is Estonia stamps 1918-1945y. . If you are interested please e-mail.Best Regards . Andrey.
21:17 Fri 16-Jun-06
Name / email:ANDREY
Location / City:SANTSOS@HOT.EE
Hello, Sorry ,I have is Estonia stamps POSTCARDS 1918-1945y. . I want to sell stamps.If you are interested please e-mail.Best Regards . Andrey. Estland.
18:14 Thu 30-Mar-06
Name / email:Prachuab Boonsriram
Location / City:Bangkok/Thailand
Nice place for cap collector. Prachuab katze1860@yahoo.com
9:45 Wed 29-Mar-06
Name / email:santsos@hot.ee
Location / City:estland
Hello, Sorry. I have a collection of stamps of all world up to 1970 y , I > wish to sell some stamps, Please if to you something interestingly inform > me then I shall send you the image of stamps if I have these stamps. > Best Regards,Andrey . e-mail:santsos@hot.ee
19:44 Fri 27-Jan-06
Name / email:vk.faust@gmail.com
Location / City:croatia
I offer crown caps from Croatia in exchange for used stamps 5 stamps - 1 cap doubles of stamps are ok. Send me email if interested.
16:30 Sun 22-Jan-06
Name / email:Aleksei alexa1990@narod.ru
Location / City:Russia
I am cap collector from Russia. I collect caps for 5 years. If you are intrested in trading write me.
12:22 Thu 05-Jan-06
Name / email:Lable lover
Location / City:London
Lovely collection of Beck's limited edtion beer labels. inlcudes Damien Hirst's label, Tracey Emin and some nice other stuff.
20:03 Mon 02-Jan-06
Name / email:sheetroc99@yahoo.com
great site
23:46 Sun 20-Nov-05
Name / email:Noemy
Location / City:USA
A very very nice site with helpful informations. Good idea to do the web this way.
0:19 Thu 17-Nov-05
Name / email:Charlie foczi2@gmail.com
Location / City:HUNGARY
Hello Collector friend, My name is KAROLY ( Charlie ) FOCZE,from Hungary, ( 58 year old )I can send you Hungarian beer and other caps against phonecards because I'm a phonecard collector.If you are interested in ,write me an e-mail in English or German to this e-mail address.Let me know,which countries do you offer cards from and for how many caps do you give phonecard. - if you are interested in beer and other caps from Hungary,then I'd swap with pleasure.If it is in good condition,not bent ,not scratched, then I'd like to ask for 2 pieces of each . Please write me everytime which cap is from which country. My postal address is : KAROLY FOCZE H - 2040 BUDAORS SZEP u. 39 HUNGARY My e-mail : foczi@freemail.hu or foczi2@gmail.com Regards, Karoly
21:14 Sat 01-Oct-05
Name / email:woetie123@hotmail.kom
zalige site vooral de kroonkurken
11:27 Tue 30-Aug-05
Name / email:your travelmate, Miguel
Location / City:Zeebrugge
Zeg jong, wanneer komen die foto's van zweden eindelijk op de site???
23:05 Thu 18-Aug-05
Name / email:willydecleir@msn.com
Location / City:KORTEMARK (Belgie)
Deze avond toevallig jullie site gevonden, prachtig zeg, k'heb nog wel niet alles kunnen bekijken maar voor we begin september naar Cochem vertrekken, zoek ik nog wel een en ander uit op uw site. nogmaals proficiat
18:23 Wed 03-Aug-05
Name / email:Diako Gordon
Location / City:Accra, Ghana
Please i have for sale used but in good condition phonecards, magnetics cards and pre-paid cards of Ghana, Togo, Benin, Niger and Nigeria of many different pictures. I sell every 600 cards for 150 Euro or 120 British pounds. I also have postcards, coins, banknotes, bottle caps, labels, coasters, banana stickers and other collectibles all from Ghana for sale. What do you think? If interested to buy then send me a mail. Diako Gordon, P. O. Box KT. 361, Kotobabi -Accra, Ghana. Email; gordontelecards@yahoo.com My Telephone Number; 00233 - 24 - 4516875. I wait to hear from you soon if interested to buy them. Bye for now.
21:01 Thu 21-Jul-05
Name / email:maga@yahoo.com
Location / City:jankara
i dey here ooooooooooooooooo
23:24 Thu 16-Jun-05
Name / email:alberto
Location / City:Portugal
I'm a beer caps collector, but can also provide all kind of caps in exchange. Anyone interested just send a mail to albertoscp@iol.pt
21:48 Mon 06-Jun-05
Name / email:mugu
i don pass here
17:02 Wed 01-Jun-05
Name / email:kev
nice site
12:38 Tue 03-May-05
Name / email:Daffy alias el capitán limpio
Location / City:GENT
halooo knokkenaars, lang geleden , heeft niemand zin om eens een 'stapje te zetten' in Gent!!!!!!!!
8:47 Tue 15-Mar-05
Name / email:m.maminskas@centras.lt
Location / City:Lithuania
I'm beercaps collector from Lithuania looking beercaps to trade.
15:20 Mon 14-Mar-05
Name / email:Andrea
Location / City:Italy
congratulation for your collection!! I am collector beer caps, but if you want I can trade all (coke, water, soda,etc.). Please, e-mail me CIAO andrea
13:28 Thu 10-Mar-05
Name / email:salah abraheem
Location / City:baghdad / iraq
Dear Friend i sell the caps from iraq and labels and coaster too .and glasses /
14:01 Tue 01-Mar-05
Name / email:mara higgins
Location / City:E
Hello, you have a great Page! I like it really much. If you like the sun and the sea and want to have really great holidays in spain - please visit us www.javeaholidays.com
11:35 Sun 13-Feb-05
Name / email:Efim Nirenberg
Location / City:beer caps
Visit a new site of the collector of beer caps from Israel Efim Nirenberga.
11:04 Sun 13-Feb-05
Name / email:neyts
Location / City:heist aan zee
fotos van heist
21:52 Thu 10-Feb-05
Name / email:melo
Location / City:heist
woa bluven die foto's van carnaval de dinsdag????????
17:49 Tue 28-Dec-04
Name / email:Rob Spijkers
Location / City:Tilburg (Nederland)
Hoi Mario Mooie site heb je. Komplimenten!! Doe je momenteel nog iets aan het verzamelen van kroonkurken. Zou wel met je willen ruilen, want je hebt een stelletje mij onbekende Belgische doppies erop staan? Indien ja, mail me maar: robenels@home.nl groetend, Rob Spijkers
0:03 Tue 14-Dec-04
Name / email:Micelele
Location / City:nog altijd prachtige meetkerke
Ewel mario, jet da were goe gedaan met die foto's van Kreta !!! Je zie goe bezig joene !! Nu wachten wat volgende trip zal worden é !! Tbestéé
12:26 Mon 08-Nov-04
Name / email:Nirenberg Haim, Israel
Location / City:efimnir@mail.ru
I am collector beer caps and beer labels
1:06 Wed 15-Sep-04
Name / email:Edge
Location / City:home
Elena, long time no see ;-) I'm happily surprised by your already unexpected reaction. Thanks! You may always mail me at the-edge*at*tiscali.be if you want. Hasta luego.
18:14 Sun 12-Sep-04
Name / email:Hamac neighbour
Location / City:London-Rome
Little hi to mario!! my hamac neighbout for 1 night, i finally stayed in palenque for way too long hasta luego elena
19:18 Fri 16-Jul-04
Name / email:Els
Location / City:Brugge
Zeer mooi gedaan Mario. Leuk om te zien!!! Groetjes... Tot op msn mss.
18:51 Fri 07-May-04
Name / email:MUGU
15:16 Tue 13-Jan-04
Name / email:David aka Azazel
Location / City:Gent
zeg shijnt dat je die foto's hebt van Nieuwjaar kan je dan eens via mail die passwoord en je adres meegeven om ze te kunnen downloaden of via mail doorsturen; dank je wel David
22:08 Tue 06-Jan-04
Name / email:Edgy
Jah, nu zeg je wat. Ik zal er inderdaad eens werk van maken om er een aantal online te zetten. Een goed voornemen voor 2004 ;-)
20:48 Tue 06-Jan-04
Name / email:micelele
Location / City:het wondermooie meetkerke
zeg mario, waar blijven die foto's van reis aan cote d'azur??? ;-)
20:29 Fri 02-Jan-04
Name / email:Ik
Ja, er was iets afgesproken. Maar het is nu wel al voorbij. Het was dus in Gent te doen.
18:22 Mon 22-Dec-03
Name / email:David aka azazel
Location / City:hell (knokke-dorp)
jepejep 't is een tijdje geleden hé.... is er al iets afgesprokenn voor nieuwjaar?8? Laat iets weten aub tot ziens daffy duck
9:58 Sat 06-Dec-03
Name / email:Pierrot le fou
Location / City:France
congratulation for your collection. I just begin and mine is shorter. Pierrot
5:54 Thu 25-Sep-03
Name / email:Faxraddin
Location / City:Azerbaijan
19:35 Wed 30-Jul-03
Name / email:Filip
Location / City:Zele
Ja Mario, gij weet ook van t leven te genieten hé. Een reisje meepikken, wijntjes proeven,... Ja, ge hebt ginder weeral ne keer 'slunse' gegeven zeker? En wat wordt de volgende uitstap??
12:50 Thu 03-Jul-03
Name / email:Filip
Location / City:Zele
Komaan Mario, geef 'SLUNSE'! Tempo, tempo, tempoooo... ik ben benieuwd om de foto's van Turkije te zien!
14:54 Tue 01-Jul-03
Name / email:Cinto Sistaré
Location / City:Barcelona - Spain
I collect Coca-cola worldwide caps and spanish caps. I would like to contact with other collectors to trade. I have many international beer and soda caps to trade. E-mail me at: csistare@hotmail.com
18:21 Wed 25-Jun-03
Name / email:Igor Borschevsky
Location / City:LATVIA
17:23 Mon 03-Mar-03
Name / email:rob de snokker
Location / City:zottegem
jawadde der staan hier toch wel wat gore foto's op :-) hoe durf je!
11:53 Thu 06-Feb-03
Name / email:Daffy
Location / City:Aan de kust
Yo mario, Wat heb je nu eigenlijk gedaan met je guestbook, alleen een beetje kleur gegeven. Het is nog altijd poverkes, heb je die van Flupie gezien, die is toch wel beter zeker. Er is nog veel werk aan de winkel. Zeg zo populair ben je ook weer niet, het zijn constant dezelfde die iets schrijven. Trouwens mooie foto van je, je bent veel veranderd met vroeger :-)eerst bril, nu geen bril meer fantastisch!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:49 Wed 05-Feb-03
Name / email:Sweety nichtje
Location / City:tBoeregat
Homepage:http://wil je wel weten
Haloha !!! Ewel é, kga kik ier ma die pagina ne beke bekladdere zeker. Zo t zien kome der ier dus nie veel mense diene site bezoeke é. Dus... k offere kik me ma ne beke op é, da j toch ne paar bezoekers meer et é. Héhé. Btw, aj wilt da k ier ne ké mé langskomt ---> SPELLETJES :p Héhé, dan kan k es bewijze oe sterk da k wel kan zijn é. Allé ja, kzyn kik ier ma aant zevere jah, wa moe kik ier nu nog op zegge? tValt ier nie veel t vertelle é, aangezien iedreen da ier al kan leze, kmag dus nie t discreet zyn é :p Haha... Ewel ja, kgaan ier ma ne ké stoppe zevere, anders sta ier heel d pagina vol (wa da eignlijk wel mn bedoeling is, maja, sjjjjjt). kZyn der vandoor! G moogt toch wel blij zyn é, da k ier zuk schoon berichtje nalaat, mja, kzyn dan ook j liefste nichtje é :) Allé, Bye
20:46 Wed 05-Feb-03
Name / email:Je sweety nichtje
Location / City:tBoeregat
Homepage:http://héhé, zou je wel wille wete é
20:16 Wed 05-Feb-03
Name / email:The Edge
Location / City:Knokke
Daffy, alles is van eigen makelij hier!!! Enkel het Paradisiac logo is van die kwibus. Btw. jouw site lijkt me ook niet echt van eigen hand...
9:50 Wed 05-Feb-03
Name / email:Daffy
Location / City:Knokke Le Zoute :-)
Yo den mario, Ik moet zeggen je website valt hoe mee voor een beginneling. Ik zie dat je broer er ook aan prutst, dus het is niet echt van eigen makelij. Allé, tot het weekend anh have fun at work, no holiday finito greets Daffy
21:45 Tue 04-Feb-03
Name / email:mestkever
Location / City:erps-kwerps
speciaal voor de cisn die hier zulke deftige dingen achterlaat
19:31 Wed 22-Jan-03
Name / email:cisn
Location / City:oetave
du riechst so gut !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:22 Sun 19-Jan-03
Name / email:Bartie
Location / City:It's depending. When I'm working, than most of the time in Brugge, Belgium. But when I'm on holiday, anywhere in Europe, you can see it on some photo's on this website.
Micele heeft het al zo schoon verwoord en 't is ook omdat ik in 't oog moet houden dat er hier geen te bezwarende foto's komen op te staan hé.
15:34 Sat 18-Jan-03
Name / email:studioloco
Location / City:belgie
yooo partypeople
0:42 Thu 16-Jan-03
Name / email:micelele
Location / City:het prachtige meetkerke
enkel uit compache omdat er hier al ZOVEEL namen staan :-)
22:56 Tue 14-Jan-03
Name / email:your sweet brother
Location / City:Belgium
Ik ben hier nog wat aan 't prutsen op je site, nog wat links toegevoegd. Trouwens vanop je sitefinder kan je niet terug naar je homepage en in je crowncaps kan je de tweede box bijna niet zien als je in 800x600 werkt, dan moet je eerst je frame aanpassen maar dat zie je niet zo direct...

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