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Holiday reports and pictures

Travelling, the period during which you don't have to bother about everyday's hassle. I love it and I should do it more often. There's is only one problem... When you come home, only your body is home. Your mind is still in the holiday mood and it will stay there for another week, even though you're back at work. Inevitably, from time to time you dream away to the relaxing (or busy) period, to the people, the atmosphere and the country that you just left behind.
But during this time, you can start thinking about your next destination. This way, you can fill the emptiness that overcomes you.

Here you can watch photos and read about my holidays. Some of the writing is in English, but most is in Dutch. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the pictures.
Why do I put it here? I love to watch them once in a while, wherever I am, and remember the time. It's also nice for people planning their own holiday. But it's as nice for people who have been at the same places and have their own memories.

Google Earth   For some travels, I entered the most important destinations in Google Earth. You can download the '.kmz' file using the provided link mentioned in the report. For more information, I refer to http://earth.google.com.

L'Escala & Barcelona, Spain
Galibier, France (Climbing for Life)
Aug 2013
Berlin, Germany
Okt 2012
Florida, San Francisco & Las Vegas, USA
Dec 2012
The White Desert, Egypt
Dec 2011
Andalucïe, Spain
Sep-Okt 2012
Sognefjord, Norway
Aug 2011
Sliema, Malta
Nov 2011
High Atlas, Morocco
Dec 2010
Sliema, Malta
May 2011
Azores, Portugal
May 2010
Malta & Gozo
28 Oct- 13 Nov 2010
December 2009
1-8 October 2009
Stonehenge & Glastonbury, UK
19-22 June 2009
6-15 November 2008

May 2008
Paris, France
Sylvester & New Year 2007/2008
Dover, UK
4 November 2007
Sierra de Gredos, Spain
1 - 6 September 2007
Ladakh, India
July 2007
Ahtopol, Bulgaria
08 - 20 August 2006
Padjelanta-Sarek National Park, Sweden
29 July - 13 August 2005
Myanmar, the golden land
22 April - 16 May 2005
Crete, Greece
9 - 16 Oct 2004
Mexico: From Mexico City to Tulum
15 May - 1 June 2004
Frankrijk: Côte d'Azur (Boulouris - St. Raphael)
6 - 17 Sept 2003
geen verslag Germany: Moezel
19 - 21 Jul 2003
Turkey: Belek
25 Jun - 2 Jul 2003
France: La Norma
24 Jan - 1 Feb 2003
Jul-Aug 2002
France: Orcieres-Merlette
Feb 2002
Spain: Lloret de Mar (07/2001) France: Les Menuires (07/2000)

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